Who are we?

Project You is a completely virtual enterprise created by teens for teens to spread awareness on social justice issues. Project You publishes a variety of different content. Teens can either submit stories of their first hand experiences facing social injustice or submit short responses to prompts that will be used in “perspective” articles. You will also find a list of resources teens can use to further spread awareness from fundraisers to petitions as well as professional resources.

Why Project You?

As the world becomes increasingly connected, we have the opportunity to connect with other members of our generation. The current social injustice plaguing the United States has deemed it necessary that the youth raises awareness about social justice issues so that the future of our world will be radically different. Issues such as climate change require a global effort, and through this site, we hope to spark the efforts of our generation early. Beyond this, we would like our website to be a “safe space” to form your opinions by hearing from a variety of people in a similar age category.

How can teens can fight for social justice?

Project You compiled a list of resources teens can use to spread awareness for social justice. The resources page includes links to petitions, charities, and informative sites all related to social justice issues.

What we do?

We are a student-led initiative created as a resource to learn, share, and discuss ideas about social justice. Some topics may include climate reform, the BLM movement, Healthcare equity, the education system, poverty and economic injustice, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality and equity, etc. We additionally meticulously selected, professional resources, petitions, and fundraisers that coincide with the topics in our articles.

Submit a Personal Story

Have you ever been the subject of social discrimination? Share your story and let your voice be heard by teens all around the world! We encourage all high school students to submit their experiences. By sharing your story you are empowering your fellow teens and reminding them that they are not alone. Your voice is important!

Respond to a Prompt

Every few days we post a prompt on our Instagram story. We publish “Perspective Articles” to share varying opinions on social issues. By sharing different perspectives, parents, teens, and other varying members of our community gain insight on these issues through the lenses of teens.