Project You is a youth initiative aiming to share unique perspectives from our writers and teens around the world in order to encourage and promote open-mindedness and growth.We primarily work through our instagram page, @projectyouorganization, but also use this website to display submissions we receive.

The Problem

The media has become increasingly partisan, resulting in an influx of misinformation. Though the content we see though these platforms only accounts for the ideas of a small population of people, it is easy to become misguided; we hope to undermine this force through Project You. We encourage everyone to formulate their own opinions through personal research, and through the voices of real people. Even simply reading reliable news sources is not enough.

We made it easy for you by compiling a list of resources you can use to help educate yourself in addition to our perspective articles. The resources page includes links to petitions, charities, and informative sites all related to relevant issues.


We are a student-led initiative created as a resource to learn, share, and discuss ideas about current global and national issues. We focus our output of content through our instagram account, @projectyouorganization, but use this website to display our longer articles and pieces. We also accept submissions through the form of art and photography, which are also highlighted throughout this site.


On our platform we share 3 types of articles:
  1. Perspective Articles (Staff only)- These articles are created by our writing staff. They are opinionated articles from members who vary across the political spectrum.
  2. Feature Articles- These are articles written by/about experts in collaboration with Project You.
  3. Independent Submissions- We publish articles written by you on whatever topic you feel strongly about

Have you ever been the subject of social discrimination? Share your story and let your voice be heard by teens all around the world! We encourage all high school students to submit their experiences. By sharing your story you are empowering your fellow teens and reminding them that they are not alone. Your voice is important!