About Us

Why Project You?

The media has become increasingly partisan, resulting in an influx of misinformation. Along with the media, Gen Z has become increasingly divided. We encourage everyone to formulate their own opinions through their own thorough research. Reading Instagram summaries and partisan news sources are not enough.

What do we do?

Our platform is a space where teens can openly share their opinions about current events. Our platform encourages you to remain open minded and respect opinions that are different from your own. Blasting people on social media or fighting hate with hate does not resolve any problem. Nothing changes with hate.

On our platform we share 3 types of articles:
  1. Perspective Articles- These articles are created by our writing staff. They are opinionated articles from members who vary across the political spectrum.
  2. Feature Articles- These are articles written by experts in collaboration with Project You.
  3. Your Articles- We publish articles written by you on whatever topic you feel strongly about

Project You

Established in June 2020 by Audrey Shin, Annie de Castro, Ellie Pennington, and Kaamya Mehra. The team is now comprised of teens from locations all around the world.


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