About Us

Project You is a platform where teens can share their experience with social justice issues in their communities. Our team believes the best way to educate teens and spread awareness is through sharing stories written by teens. We encourage youth activism on social justice issues through stories so that future generations can be aware of these pressing issues.

Team Members all Around the World

The topics on this website are written by assiduous teenagers from around the world. Our team has also compiled a list of resources that coincide with the topics written about in our articles.

Teens have the opportunity to connect with each other with the help of latest technological advancements. Our team consists of members all around the world facing social injustice in different shapes and forms. This initiative provides a way for teens to connect through hardships and speak up about the injustice in our world

Project You

Project You was established in June 2020 by Audrey Shin, Annie de Castro, Ellie Pennington, and Kaamya Mehra. They are juniors in high school and from various areas around the world. The Project You team is currently comprised of a dozen of social advocates from all around the world.


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