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Uplift and Empower: A Guide to Understanding Extreme Poverty and Poverty Alleviation

This blog post is an excerpt from the book Uplift and Empower: A Guide to Understanding Extreme Poverty and Poverty Alleviation.  Eradicating extreme poverty will require a fundamental shift in paradigms and a reconsideration of the way we view and interact with low-income countries, communities, and individuals. In fact, calling people living in poverty “the […]

Leaked call shows Trump asking to find 11,780 votes in Georgia.

Recently, on a secretly recorded call, President Trump pleaded with Georgia’s Secretary of State (R), Brad Raffensperger, to find votes that could overturn the election. The hour-long phone call between the two illustrates a President who is desperate to change the election results, despite his previous failures to do so.  Trump’s tactics to overturn the […]

How Trump Supporters Turned Into Terrorists.

Until January 6th, I had never seen such violence, terrorism, and more importantly, visual proof of the most explosive group of people in America. Millions of dangerous Trump supporters exist, and until the events on January 6th, many Americans, including me, did not fully realize it.  Prior to ballots being cast in the 2020 election, […]

Trump’s Power Grab Leaves Millions Without Unemployment Checks In The Coming Weeks.

After months of deliberation, Congress passed the bipartisan $900 billion covid-19 relief package. The bill provides unemployed Americans with payments of $600 to families, small business benefits, and funding to help with vaccine distribution. The 5,000-page legislation was flown from Washington to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida where the President is vacationing over the holiday. […]


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