Abi Baker (VA, 16)


Focused on sharing her opinions on foreign and domestic issues. She especially enjoys writing about American politics. Outside of Project You she is an editorial member of TheCramm where she writes about breaking news.

Annie DeCastro (Singapore, 16)

Co-Founder of Project You

Focused on providing teens with resources they can used to further their interests in stopping social injustice. Annie is a competitive swimmer and a lead officer for her high school’s Read Bhutan club which helps raise money and awareness for women and children. She additionally founded the QuaranTEEN Guide in March 2020.

Audrey Shin (NJ, 17)

Co-Founder of Project You

Focused on spreading awareness on social justice issues through giving teens a platform to share their stories. She is also the founder of the QuaranTEEN Guide and holds leadership positions in her high schools debate team and student government.

Ellie Pennington (VA, 16)

Co-Founder of Project You

Dedicated to spreading awareness about the civic community. Ellie is a member of the Civics Unplugged Community which is an organization dedicated to empowering youth in civic involvement. She enjoys baking and hanging out with her friends.

Kaamya Mehra (GA, 16)

Co-Founder of Project You

Dedicated to increasing youth participation in fighting against social injustice issues. Kaamya is a member of the Civics Unplugged Community and involved in multiple organizations such as the Period Society which is aimed to end menstrual stigma and eradicate period poverty.

Lauren Shin (NJ, 15)


Passionate about voter registration activism and nonpartisanship agenda. Outside of Project You Lauren is an editorial member at her schools newspaper. She is also heavily involved in organizations such as When We All Vote and League of Women Voters.